Guest Post: Organize Your Workplace To Increase Productivity

Today I’m pleased to share this guest post from Emily Johnson at, where writers meet! shares tips, tricks, and advice on writing. Check out the awesome infographic below on how to organize your workplace:

Increase Your Productivity at Home: Workplace Organization

No matter what your profession is, you need to boost productivity to complete your tasks faster. Freelancers need to maximize concentration and minimize distractions to best tap into their creativity.

If you want to increase your productivity at home, you need to organize your workplace.

In fact, although it takes some time to learn how to organize a workplace, it’s pretty simple once you understand it.

OmniPapers step-by-step guide helps people understand key ideas on how to turn your home cabinet into a perfect workplace. If you are interested in increasing your productivity at home, pay attention to this infographic and keep reading this article to reveal more facts about this process.

Renovate Your Workplace

Obviously, a good workplace should be comfortable and cozy. Plus, it should have two zones: computer and non-computer ones.

  • A computer area is a writing desk with a computer where you work.
  • A non-computer area is a place where you can boost inspiration, read best practices, and contact your clients via phone.

If you don’t have these areas for work and relax, it’s high time to demark them.

Clean Up Your Desk

 Once you form the habit of keeping your writing desk clean, you can increase your productivity. A messy table distracts from work and, therefore, you spend more time on completing tasks. Use lockers to hide all stuff you don’t use daily and keep books on bookshelves. Of course, you can decorate your writing table with live plants (they clean the air) or photos (to boost inspiration). In short, a clean writing desk is a key to productivity.

Add Comfort and Health

If you are healthy, that’s great. It means you can stay productive and energetic. Thus, you need to save your health. One thing to remember is that you should be picky about your office chair. Buy a comfortable chair that supports the lower back, use elliptical mini trainers to do physical activities while working, and stand up from time to time to reduce a risk of health problems.

 When it comes to increasing your productivity, think about home workplace organization. Take the first step toward it, as it can be important for your career.


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