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Where do dreams go when they’re whispered to the wind?

Where does music play when it’s searching for a rhyme?

The universe listens, and sends a star…

Naomi’s life has been carefully planned since the day she was born, but Daddy’s little princess has dreams of her own, and they don’t include marrying the man he chose for her, or running the family business. Just when it seems her dreams are slipping away, Naomi hears Jon’s voice. Listening to him sing and falling in love are one and the same—and it opens the door to a new life for her, far away from her father’s scheming. Will Naomi finally find her freedom on the beaches of LA?

Waiting for a Song Today I’m hosting my fellow Buddhapuss Ink, LLC author Mariam Kobras as she flits from blog to blog, celebrating the release of her fourth novel, Waiting for a Song, Naomi’s Story.

Kobras’ books tell the epic love story of international rock star Jonathan Stone and hotel heiress Naomi Carlsson. I don’t usually read romance novels, but when I do, I gravitate toward comedies. So, though I’m not an expert critic in this genre, I was curious to see what Mariam’s been up to. Here’s the scoop!

She’s won three Independent Publisher’s Book Awards–one for each of the volumes in the Stone Trilogy. So, with a hat trick of IPPYs to her credit, she’s doubled back to the genesis of Jon and Naomi’s romance:

 She couldn’t do it.

Opening one of the lipsticks, one with a lovely rosewood tone, Naomi realized that there was no way she could marry Seth.

“I always thought falling in love was something wildly romantic, take-my-breath-away exciting,” she said in a low voice to no one in particular. “I’ve always dreamed of meeting the right man and knowing instantly that he’s the one. He’s the one I’d give myself to; and it would feel as if we’re one: one soul, one heart, one breath. I thought falling in love was like the sky opening and pouring bliss over me, and music filling the air.”

Louise laughed. “I think that only happens in romance novels. I think it’s a pretty dream, a very pretty one indeed; but I don’t think that’s how it works.”

Naomi dropped the lipstick.


Daddy’s little princess has plans of her own.

Waiting for a Song, Naomi’s Story, is a tale of teen angst and rebellion, as experienced by Naomi Carlsson, an only child and heiress to a chain of luxury hotels. It’s apparent from the outset that Naomi’s parents have little regard for her intellect, passions, or interests. She’s a credit to them only when she dresses nicely and behaves properly.

When Seth, a longtime family friend eight years her senior, half-heartedly proposes marriage on Naomi’s eighteenth birthday, her fate seems sealed. She’ll be forced to marry the man her father has picked and have babies while Seth runs her family’s empire in Canada and Europe.

Then, while she’s out with her friends in Geneva, she hears a voice—a voice on the radio. It’s a young rock star from the States. And her head is turned. Once she sees his photo in a magazine, she’s head over heels. Gone.

Her visceral reaction to his song prompts her to write some lyrics of her own. Wasn’t she studying voice and piano at university, after all? Before she can lose her nerve, she has the maid mail the lyrics to Jon Stone at the address on the back of his record album.

After an angst-ridden wait, Naomi receives a telephone call from Jon Stone’s manager, who says Jon would like to meet with her during his tour stop in Geneva to discuss using her lyrics on an upcoming album. She slips away from home, and when they meet, Jon’s attraction to Naomi is immediate. And intense. It’s born of his admiration for her lyrics and, of course, the happy surprise of her stunning physical beauty.

How can Naomi ever feel like anything more than a beautiful shell when everyone—and I mean everyone—she converses with comments on her looks?

I fear that she’ll always be damaged by the emphasis her family placed on her physical appearance. And that’s a shame. As a modern girl (of circa 1979) she has aspirations and dreams that don’t fit her family’s old-fashioned plans. Naomi plucks up her courage and manages to slip away from her family to meet Jon in Amsterdam. But does an adult run away from home, she wonders?

Even after this display of independence, Naomi can’t seem to avoid being told how lovely she is, and though she adopts a casual lifestyle and simple clothes, she glories in playing the role of the fairy, the magical selkie who inspires the rock star. She slips easily into the role of Lyricist and Muse, but has she really managed to stand on her own? Or has she merely swapped one cage for another?

Jon Stone, her rescuer, is just as trapped in his world as Naomi was in her father’s house. He’s caught up in the web of fame and fortune, leading a life in the spotlight, all the while yearning for the privacy that he can never regain.

Even more disturbing was Naomi’s observation that Jon was a lot like her father “in his benevolent moments.” That was when I wanted to warn her to run the other way as fast as she could go!!

My favorite character was Naomi’s best friend, Fleur. She’s the only one who treats Naomi like a person and calls her out when she’s being a drama queen, though even she isn’t immune from making comments about Naomi’s beauty.

It made me sad that Naomi had such a fatalistic view of her relationship with Jon so early in their love affair. “If Jon and I ever break up, nothing will matter…no one, nothing, will be able to fill that chasm in my heart. Life will end.”

Get up off the floor, Bella. Oops. I mean Naomi.

It’s a decadent, dysfunctional Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous!

Mariam KobrasMariam Kobras was born in Frankfurt, Germany. Growing up, she and her family lived in Brazil and Saudi Arabia before they decided to settle in Germany. Mariam attended school there and studied American Literature and Psychology at Justus-Liebig-University in Giessen. Today she lives and writes in Hamburg, Germany, with her husband, two sons, and two cats.
Buddhapuss Ink released Kobras’s Waiting for a Song, Naomi’s Story on June 3rd. “Mariam’s writing is lyrical, smooth, full of lush descriptions, and she captures her characters with such depth and insight. We believe readers will be uniquely satisfied after this prequel,” says publisher MaryChris Bradley. “Naomi did and said things that bothered them in the trilogy. She was, and is, not your typical romantic heroine. Meeting her as a girl in Waiting for a Song, fills in those blanks, answers those questions. And, as always, Mariam does it brilliantly.”

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