Collide: The Resistance Series Prequels

Careen Catecher survived a terrorist’s bomb at the age of nine. Her father died in the blast, and her relationship with her irresponsible mother deteriorated during her teen years. A full scholarship to a prestigious university far from her beleaguered home quadrant seems like a dream come true. Unfortunately for her, she’s perceived as a charity case, despite grades and test scores that prove she’s the academic equal of the best students there. Fitting in with her peers is necessary if she’s going to leave the past behind and claim the stable future she craves, but she’s only been at school for a few weeks when a cryptic message from an unlikely friend raises questions that may put her in danger all over again.

Tommy Bailey enjoyed a worry-free childhood, the attention of two doting parents, and the admiration that comes from being a star athlete in high school, but everything changed in the blink of an eye the summer after graduation, when his parents were killed in a car accident. Tommy suffered injuries that left him wondering if he’d be able to walk without a limp. His friends left for university without him. Alone for the first time, he wallowed in self-pity, and allowed survivor’s guilt to overwhelm him. Tommy doesn’t remember much about the night of the accident, and he has no way of knowing that the consequences of his father’s past deeds–as well as his most formidable enemy–are about to catch up with him. Find out what caused the bitter feud between Tommy’s dad and his nemesis Lowell Stratford, and how it sets the course for Tommy’s future.

Read these two novella-length prequels to the award-winning Resistance Series, “a promising new YA series about a totalitarian America.”