Changing My Story

The times they are a-changing. It's time for me to make some changes, too.

It’s been a busy spring and summer, chock full of my daughter’s high school “lasts”—her senior spring musical, her senior prom, graduation, her last few months in her hometown, before we all pull up stakes and move cross country. She’ll be attending the university where her dad has been teaching for the last two years. My husband and I have been adjusting from our long-distance marriage to one where we’ll spend the summer both working from the same home.

And OMGoodness, we’ll be empty nesters. We’re downsizing into a darling cottage a few miles from the university. We’re saying goodbye to one tenant family in our yet unsold house (in another state—long story for another time) and hoping to welcome a new family who said the magic words—“lease/purchase.”

 There’s been a LOT going on. So was it crazy to voluntarily undertake major revisions on my novel-to-be?


I’m committed to this project. I love the characters and enjoyed writing YA suspense.

This book will find its way to publication. I just need to draw the reader in more quickly, increase the action and the tension in the early chapters, and take a good, hard look at how I’d treated my subject matter.

 At least that’s what the rejection emails said. Many of them said good things. My writing is strong. The characters are compelling. The idea is unique. But it’s just not there yet.

So I concentrated on letting the characters tell me how the story should go. I looked for organic connections. Made two characters younger. Trimmed a few scenes that didn’t really move the plot along.

Piece of cake. (Well, not really, but you know what I mean.)

Now it’s with my editor, only five days late. She’s seen the first 1,000 words, pre-revision, but she was there, cheering me on, for months before I contracted with her to edit the whole book. I’m sincerely looking forward to her comments so I can move forward!

I’ll post about the editing/revision process. Check back!



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