The Resistance Series Books

Readers are talking about this award-winning dystopian series…

“At first the story might seem farfetched, but the more you read, you start to realize that a United States under the strict control and surveillance of an agency like the OCSD doesn’t seem so impossible.”

“When the real dystopia arrives, it will be chosen by the people…out of fear of something even worse.”

“I began to care for the characters early on, and found myself reading past my bedtime to see what was in store for them. Counteract got my attention right away and held it the entire time. Highly recommend!”

“Wow, with all the current goings on in the world, this is one scary series!”

“In this freedom-killing society, the oppressive government creates a false enemy, followed by a government-created solution. The development of the two main characters, teenagers Tommy and Careen, dovetails nicely with the plot as they find each other and begin to unravel the mystery of what’s actually happening.”

“A promising new YA series about a totalitarian America.” –Kirkus Reviews

“You’ll be hooked from the first page of this eerily believable story about how the government can play on our emotions and fears to control us.”

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Author’s message:

What if you’d been told you were in danger every minute?

What if you’d been told to take extraordinary precautions to stay safe–until extraordinary started to feel…ordinary.

I’m sure you can relate.

When I started writing the Resistance Series books, I put Tommy and Careen in a situation that hits pretty close to home these days. I truly had no idea I’d have a similar experience only ten years later.

It’s hard to stay afraid all the time. After a while, it’s tempting to tune it out.

But if you did tune it out, whoever wanted you to be afraid would have to up their game… click this paragraph to download the first book, Counteract, free, and see if you agree!

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